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Restaurants: An Industry of Opportunity

The NRA ties together some astounding information on the restaurant industry in this great infographic!
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Franchises are Outpacing the U.S. Economy

IFA President and CEO discusses the high promise of franchises and why more and more people are going into business for themselves but not by themselves.
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The Benefits of Mentorship

Mentorship helped this US Franchisee, and it can help others too - that’s why CARA always has our franchise candidates talk to existing and dedicated franchisees while exploring franchise opportunities with CARA. Interested in getting the ins and o
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Interest in Canada’s Restaurant Trends

This infographic on the breakdown of the top 2014 trends shows a great forecast and high promise for the food industry – the numbers don’t lie!
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How to Be a Sophisticated Franchise Buyer

Franchising Australia gives some great advice, applicable worldwide, on what to know and how to assess the information that franchisors provide in order to make the right choice when it comes to signing your twenty year franchise agreement!
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The First Question Asked By All Prospective Franchisees

How much money will I make? What will be my return on investment? However you phrase your question, the Globe and Mail helps show you that what you get out depends on the work you put in.
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Franchise Leader Gives His Two Cents on Franchise Ownership

Aziz Hashim, owner of 35 different franchises gives his input on questions pondered by all franchisees, such as which brand to choose, how many units to build and how to get the best team to support you.
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Which Franchise is Right for You?

When it comes to choosing the right franchisor there is a great deal to consider. Forbes takes the quantitative and the emotional aspects of selecting the right business and the right brand.
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Never Have Enough Time for Good Food?

We’ve got your solution: Fast Casual. The Fast Casual segment keeps on growing, and CARA is right there growing with it. Our first two Harvey’s featuring Swiss Chalet restaurants opened this year, and we’re excited to have more on the way! Two
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Wondering How to Capitalize on Local Area Marketing? gives expert advice on how to grow advocacy for your franchise in your area. We here at CARA always say that a great franchisee needs to care for their four walls, four blocks and four kilometres!
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