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With over 800 units across the country and hundreds of Franchisees there are some frequently asked questions that should help guide you through this process.

Who finds the site for a new restaurant?

Our Real Estate Development Team conducts an analysis of all of the markets and sites we select. The team’s main focus is on franchisee profitability and they leverage CARA’s scale in negotiating leases for our franchise partners.

How long will it take to be approved and open a new Franchise?

The application process from the date of your initial inquiry to approval by our executive team can vary depending on a number of factors (such as strength of the franchisee’s application and availability of real estate) but is typically a two to eight week process. We will work with you to determine together whether this is the right opportunity for you. Once approved by our executive team, depending on the real estate status you will be eight to sixteen months away from opening your doors.

How much money will I make?

Your return on investment depends on many variables such as market size, lease terms, market demographics and most importantly your hard work. A key component in our franchising process is due diligence. During due diligence you will be put in contact with members of our franchise community in an effort to better understand all aspects of running a franchised business, including whether or not this will meet your financial expectations.

How do I know if I am qualified?

Restaurant experience, although a definite asset, is not mandatory – instead we look for franchisees who are passionate about the brand and about delivering a perfect guest experience. Beyond that we want people with strong leadership skills, community ties, and a drive to control their own destiny.

Are there existing restaurants for sale? What is the process of buying one?

With approximately 850 locations from coast to coast, there are always times when existing franchisees are ready for a new challenge and may entertain selling their business. The initial process for securing a new restaurant or completing the transfer of an existing location is exactly the same. We ask that candidates first submit their applications to the Franchising Team and we will help you through the franchising process. Once screened by the Franchising Team, we will help you determine the best opportunity for you.

Am I able to own more than one brand?

CARA has 9 restaurant brands that span from coast to coast. Our goal is to build successful, profitable restaurants. If an existing franchisee is running a successful business and has earned the right to grow and has the capacity to expand we are always happy to have them look into any of our franchised brands for new franchise opportunities.

What else should I do to ensure I know what I am getting myself into?

A critical part of our franchising process is completing due diligence, where you will speak to existing franchisees. It is important to understand what a day in the life of a franchisee is really like. As we move through the approval process, another critical step is spending some time in restaurant for a Discovery Day. This Discovery Day will help you better understand if this is the right business for you.

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