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After working as a manager at Tim Horton's Rob was introduced to one of the Kelsey's franchisees and loved what he saw. He knew the rich history Kelsey's had in Ontario and he was excited to contribute to the future of the brand.

He loved that the culture is so friendly and everyone is seen at the same level - from dishwasher to owner.

His favourite memory was relating to a charity close to Kelsey's heart - when he was able to raise $10,000 for Movember!

Kelsey Hours Kelsey Hours Kelsey Hours

Shawn and Tracy

After working in the corporate world for 24 years, Shawn and his wife knew it was time to use their skills to benefit themselves and not a corporate giant. After an acquaintance had referred them to CARA they decided to jump in with both feet. Now they are multi-unit franchisees, with a total of five full service restaurants and have never looked back!

Shawn and Tracy attribute their success to open-mindedness, the ability to try new things, and to daily operational involvement in all of their stores.

One of their favourite memories was hosting a charity event at their restaurant and seeing their staff rally the community. Everybody had a great time that night, and the event went off without a hitch!

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