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Mike had owned his own company for years, when one day he had stumbled upon a Milestones ad while stuck at the DMV updating his driver's license. At the time he was looking for a new challenge, and recognized that his city was lacking what Milestones brought to the table.

As a long time entrepreneur he recognized that an A+ team and an A+ location are among the keys to success.

He fondly remembers his opening day, where he had over 300 friends and family attend, among them was the mayor of Sudbury!

Milestones Menu Milestones Menu Milestones Menu


Mohsin started in restaurants in his late teens and never looked back. Moving from general manager to franchisee at numerous franchise concepts, he came upon Milestones while at a franchise show in Toronto. Although there were no opportunities at a time, he knew a good business when he saw one and inquired anyways, just in case. After a short wait he secured his first location in Scarborough and four months later decided to buy two more!

Although the food recipes at Milestones aren't so simple, Mohsin says that the recipe to a strong business is: long hours, leading by example and loving what you do! He loves that the company's fun loving culture is ingrained into all aspects of the business!

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