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William had lived his entire adult life alongside his favourite Canadian brand, Swiss Chalet. He had been a part of the Swiss Chalet family for 29 years, spending a quarter of a century as a franchisee! He worked his way through school, and then kept receiving promotions until the only logical step was to own his own restaurant.

He knew - even after decades of brand experience that being open minded to trying new things and hard work have lead him to where he is today.

Although he has countless memories with the restaurant, his favourite are small everyday things like interacting with staff and customers.

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Joe still knows the exact date he started his long career at Swiss: May 11, 1978. He started off as a busboy, and on his list of achievements, Swiss Chalet comes only after his family and his education. He had always loved the uniqueness of the chicken along with the strong guest loyalty.

Joe knows that his prudent cost controls, commitment to excellence, devotion to his staff and networking within his market have kept his restaurants successful.

His fondest memory was receiving that special phone call from the President of Swiss Chalet informing him that he was getting a Swiss Chalet of his very own.

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Jit and Johnny

Jit and Johnny are one of CARA's favorite father-son franchise duos. After twenty years of managing a corporate store, Jit had accomplished three big milestones: meeting his wife in the restaurant, having his child, Johnny, and finally buying his own Swiss Chalet. Jit and Johnny now own a total of five stores in the greater Toronto area.

This father and son partnership knows that leading by example and time management have helped them become successful multi-unit franchisees.

Johnny still gets nostalgic when he remembers looking up to the older staff as a young boy working in his father's store. He now has seen the same faces for 20 years, and even those that aren't related to him by blood have become as close as family.

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